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Thanks Sherburne County!

sherburne county law enforcement adopts county wide de-escalation training

After attending the BSF 40 hour CIT training, CIT coach training and CIT trainer class, officers from several Sherburne County, MN agencies began putting on one day CIT Mini-classes for all law enforcement, corrections and human service partners in their county.  These classes include 4 hours, 5 scenarios, of practical exercises with professional actors and CIT trained coaches in a small group setting.  Also includes mental health overview, practical and effective de-escalation techniques review and discussion of local crisis and mental health resources.   They find it to be a cost effective way to improve crisis response and strengthen collaborative partnerships throughout their county.   Thanks Sherburne County for your leadership!


Left to right, front row: Officer Cindy Finch (Big Lake Police Dept.) Sgt. Kyle Wilson (Sherburne County Sheriff’s Dept.) Sgt. Jason Lawson: (Becker Police Dept.).   Middle row: Deputy Michele Vlasak (Sherburne County Sheriff’s Dept.) Mark Anderson (Barbara Schneider Foundation).  Back row: Detective Joe Gacke (Elk River Police Dept.) Sgt. Brian Boos (Elk River Police Dept.)




bsf partners with rosebud sioux tribe, sinte gleska university, tiwahe glu kini pi and st francis Indian school

On June 2, July 21, and August 20, 2014, BSF provided trainings hosted by partners on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota.  These included facilitated CIT conversations for any and all those interested in discussing crisis related issues in their community and de-escalation trainings for first responders in health, education, justice and community.   As part of this partnership, BSF will waive the fee on 40 hour Memphis Model CIT training for Rosebud, RST, and Pine Ridge, OST, partners.    details and photos

     Rosebud tribal flag   http://www.sfisk12.org/images/homepage_summary/75/summary_26803597.jpg 

BSF has been holding community conversations in Rapid City as well in response to the racist assault on children from American Horse School.   Here's a link. 



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 For more updates and information on BSF's program, "Indigenizing Crisis Intervention Teams in Indian Country," go to our the Comunity Wellness Partners page on this site. 




40 hour memphis model CIT training

BSF Partner's with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office to provide 40 hour memphis model CIT training with a train the trainer model.   Classes are open enrollment each year in April and November.   See trainning page for details.   This class is also available in your community.






bsf's youth crisis actors troupe

Youth actors now join our troupe of adult actors in bringing realism to de-escalation trainings for child and adolescent mental health, social service, health care and justice staff.   Actors are trained by BSF and bring their

own insight of stress, trauma and mental illness to the characters they portray in the trainings.



BSF partners with the Karen Community

The Karen community hosted a community training on mental wellness and de-escalation at their community center in St Paul,  MN.   Discussion focused on the impact of trauma, signs and symptoms of illness, the importance of community partnering with professionals in the response, and available resources.     


Barbara Schneider foundation Partners with CIT international and national institute of corrections for on line training on CIT in Corrections

Major Sam Cochran consults with CIT Trainer, Deputy Chris Douglas, and CIT Training Actor, Dominic Kanaventi, who are both active in BSF's CIT work.  They provided a mental health de-escalation scenario for the NIC national online training for corrections.  Charles Jensen, a Trauma and Recovery Specialist with BSF, had a major part in the planning and content of the training.  View the training by going to the link on our training page.


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Indigenizing CIT video

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video link to Mark Anderson's interview on 10th Anniversary of Deadly Mpls Shooting

Click here for Mark Anderson's interview on 10th Anniversary of Deadly Mpls Shooting.

video link to Mark Anderson's interview on 10th Anniversary of Deadly Mpls Shooting


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